tisdag 19 februari 2013

Philosophical small talk while dancing

ush Underwood: i am a riddle ,, mostly even for myself
Apmel Goosson: I don´t believe in riddles
ush Underwood: not even in crossword puzzles ?
Apmel Goosson: no..I stopped doing crosswords a long time ago
ush Underwood: hm CURIOUS SWEDE WITH 5 LETTERS ?
Apmel Goosson: have no idea who that might be
ush Underwood: we will find him
Apmel Goosson: be gentle to him
ush Underwood: i promise
ush Underwood: he is very sensitive
Apmel Goosson: mm..he is probably
ush Underwood: just cosmic laws dont frighten him
Apmel Goosson: not Higgs either
ush Underwood: nor drawers
Apmel Goosson: especially not drawers
Apmel Goosson: he is fond of drawers
ush Underwood: he tells us ,, different drawers are the reality
ush Underwood: but reality wouldnt be complete without marbles
Apmel Goosson: something like that.. that´s The Problem of Reality as I´ve put it ..just don´t put all your marbles in the same drawer
ush Underwood: i never would do

Apmel Goosson: Would you agree that there is a digital audio quality high enough that no human can distinguish it from the original analog one, and that there is a visual resolution and number of colors per pixel high enough that no human could distinguish the display from an actual scene?
ush Underwood: well .. i know about piano music ... even great musicians couldnt differ an electronic piano from a "normal" piano
Apmel Goosson: If so, there is a large but finite number of 1 minute songs that can be experienced by a human, and there is large but finite number of images a person can see. Therefore, in a universe that is infinite there is bound to be replication of the same experiences. This may not "duplicate" an experience, which some have argued but it does mean there can be multiple instances of the SAME experience.
ush Underwood: well .. why not?
Apmel Goosson: Arnold Zuboff writes:

"Let us compare the logic of experience to the logic of something like a
novel. A novel might be called a 'detailed type', of which there are 'tokens',
which are its copies. For example, on a shelf in a bookshop there might be
two copies of but a single novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Just
as this would be only one novel, this would also constitute no multiplication
of the character called Huckleberry Finn, despite there being two copies
of his adventures on the shelf. The logic of a copy is different from that of
a novel. If one of these copies was destroyed, the novel would continue to
exist in the shop so long as there was at least one copy there. The novel
has the logic of an Aristotelian universal. There must be at least one
instance for it to exist, but repeated instances cannot multiply the number
of universals."

ush Underwood: hm
Apmel Goosson: another related question is whether that means that if a copy of you are being tortured it doesn´t effect you or does it?
ush Underwood: until now it didnt

Apmel Goosson: I´m happy if I gave you something new to contemplate:)
ush Underwood: i feel .. its important and sportive to construct such thoughts
ush Underwood: but you know apmel .. thats my answer for now: i dont believe in a universal logic
ush Underwood: cosmos doesnt need logic
Apmel Goosson: sure
ush Underwood: cosmos arose beyond logic
ush Underwood: there is no reason for its existence
ush Underwood: so many thoughts about it are just sports
Apmel Goosson: but if someone told you he wanted to abuse or torture you and then promised he could erase your memory afterwords from what happened.. would you do it for enough money?
ush Underwood: i wouldnt
Apmel Goosson: science is a bit different from sports Ush:)
ush Underwood: thats what i try to say ,, some wild and logical ideas seems to have a sportive side
Apmel Goosson: well I do like sports also:)
ush Underwood: science is no sports .. and sports are not science
ush Underwood: except of ice hockey of course
Apmel Goosson: of course!
ush Underwood: i can feel and think (sometimes) very clear and sharp and tough and so on .. but i didnt find a reason for my existence ..
Apmel Goosson: if there are billions of copies of you.. maybe one have a reason for being
ush Underwood: the profit of reasons is limited .. its necessary for survivals .. bot not for knowledge
Apmel Goosson: and what gives you that knowledge? your belly?
ush Underwood: how can we dance and same time talk so intelligent .. without stumbling?
Apmel Goosson: belly dancing
ush Underwood: hehe
ush Underwood: i dont know anything but to survive ..knowing i cant survive .. the rest are ideas and talks and vanity
ush Underwood: but nice to get entertained

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